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HERE & NOW: If you are operating a short sale business in California, this is your “must have” program to be confident that your transactions are structured legally. It’s your opportunity to get real life value of easily $5,000 — $8,000 for $597. Any attorney worth the name should charge you at least that much to customize general “guru” forms and create the additional forms necessary to create a comprehensive California-specific form system. California Attorney Ronald Ballard has invested far more time than that into this system because there’s so many nuances that he knows from working with so many investors, trainers and the other top short sales lawyers in the country. Besides, he drafted many of the recent, generic guru forms. This program has been called a “no brainer” for members of Short Sales Riches, Fix A Flip Funding, The Short Sale Service, D.C. Fawcett’s Virtual Short Sale Investing, Justin Lee, Coach Pat Martin and Strategic Real Estate Coach, especially Gold and Silver Level members. RESI will likely be coordinating with more coaching programs as more requests are coming in.

This is not a one time purchase of stale forms, but your efficient system for keeping your business safe through ongoing online legal-oriented training, information and constantly updated forms. If you haven’t already, check out the anticipated Short Sales Support Content that is expected to be rolled out over the next twelve months. A specific content timeline will be posted in the private members area. Ron Ballard’s hourly rate for legal services is based at $500. Every month you will receive the equivalent of several hours of legal services for about the cost of one-quarter of an hour as new information is released, new documents are released, and existing forms are updated as needed.

TERMS: By placing my order I agree to the complete Terms of Use, including refund terms. I understand that the primary benefits of the subscription are a sample legal forms system, an online forum and other white papers, bulletins, webinars and similar information and training products. Core content is typically expanded and/or updated at least monthly. This is not an active coaching program, although questions are handled on the forum (preferred) on a non-rush basis and by email (discouraged) on a limited non-rush basis. Specific advice from Ronald Ballard is available as a client of the Ballard Law Office.

I understand that all materials are subject to copyright ownership claims. By subscribing, I agree that the content will be used only for the operations of one primary investment business. Additional businesses are to obtain and use their own membership. Separate arrangements must be made before using the content as part of any coaching, training or educational system, other than training the members, employees and other integral personnel of the one primary business (such as an investor’s buyer’s agent).

The financial bottom line is that you are obligated to only one month at a time. You can cancel future charges at any time before they are incurred. The information provided in the subscription is for the use in the subscriber’s real estate investing business only.

All content is copyrighted information which is not to be re-distributed in any manner for any other purpose. Please contact us if you are a trainer/coach and would like your students to use this. RESI exists to support your students and our content can be customized for your program or we can California-ize your content. For the integrity of the system, please don’t give away or sell the content to others. More and better content can be provided only by the membership base remaining strong and continuing to grow. If you don’t like these terms, then don’t purchase, or quit if you do.

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CONVENIENT ONLINE ORDERING: We are newly implementing AlertPay to process subscriptions. This is a secure online credit card processing system.You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express, including debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo. Your investment today in the safety of you and your business is only $597 for the first month and then $127 for each month of updates and new content thereafter. Please Click on the AlertPay logo to the right to begin using this new, convenient system. If you do not see a credit card ordering form when the page loads, go to the “Don’t Have an AlertPay account?” section and click on “Click here to use your Credit Card.” 


 Fax Based Ordering:
You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express, including debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo. ($3/mo. additional service charge for manual monthly credit card handling. Avoid the fee by using AlertPay.)Your investment today in the safety of you and your business is only $597 for the first month and then $127 for each month of updates and new content thereafter. These rates will likely increase substantially after May 2010 and then after July 2010 because the content will have doubled or tripled. Your monthly rate is guaranteed for at least a year. Monthly charges are based on your order date, not calendar months. Orders placed on the 29th, 30th and 31st of a month are charged on the last day of a month with fewer days. Clicking on the “Buy Now” button will open a PDF form that you must print, complete and fax in.

By placing my order I agree to the
Terms of Use.


Currently, the web site access side of subscriptions are also processed manually. (Yes, we have an automated system in the works.) Therefore, it will likely take up to 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends for your access to the members’ area to become effective.

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Paid Subscriptions: If you ever decide that you aren’t getting value for your paid subscription, you can unsubscribe without any questions or down-selling, etc. However, RESI is sincerely interested in supporting your success and would like to know how we can do that better — or if you just had a change in circumstances or goals. In any case, we wish you the best. To unsubscribe, simply send a fax to 949-812-7699 or an email to the email address you receive when subscribing. If your subscription is being managed through, then you can so into that account and cancel the recurring subscription payments.


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