SSR Info

(Original) SSR Introduction (July 2009)

The first support subscription RESI is excited to offer
is for members of the "Short Sales Riches" (SSR) program
offered by Nathan Jurewicz and Chris McLaughlin of the Loss
Mitigation Training Institute LLC.

So what will you get? The SSR support
system will grow to include California specific legal
document forms, articles and videos; practical business
tips; current topics and alerts; special member benefits;
and, likely an advance level of membership and benefits; all
as listed below.

How fast will you get the content? About one item/topic listed below will be rolled out
about every other week (a few more at the beginning due to
pent up needs).

What do you need to do?  Subscribe
and tell your friends and colleagues to subscribe. We’ll add some "viral" tools to
the web site soon, but for now, just use the old fashioned
way of sending your own email, text message or phone call to
increase membership so content can be delivered faster.

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