FIX A FLIP FUNDING NOTE (November 3, 2009):

Fix A Flip Funding training module 3 teaches about legal
documents. It presents generic forms that are available to
FAFF members at the FAFF portion of the
www.shortsalesrichescommunity.com web site. Generally,
FAFF and Short Sales Riches teach from the same
generic transactional form set, most of which was
contributed by Ron Ballard. Investors doing deals in California
have the advantage that California real estate attorney
Ronald Ballard, is creating a California specific form set
for FAFF (and SSR). Many documents are ready now via the
Short Sales Riches ("SSR") Support Subscriptions. More forms
will roll-out or be updated throughout November, so that the
purchase and sale library is complete by the Las Vegas
function. By subscribing to the SSR Support Subscription,
investors will not have to consult an attorney for localized
California forms, as they are provided through the support
subscription at a far, far lower cost than it would take to
have another attorney do it for you. The support system will
add more content, value and community interaction with time;
however, November will be dedicated to rolling out the
California versions (and additionally required documents) of
the FAFF sample forms, which will mostly all also be
available to SSR and SREC member subscribers. Act today by
starting your monthly subscription and building your
California document library to use for making deals now. Go
to the Subscription page to
sign up today.

Non-California Attorneys
are welcome to contact Ron Ballard of RESI to consult about
localization for your State. The resulting forms may then
become available through RESI with reference back to the
consulting attorney for non-California support services. In
short, there may be an opportunity for investors to save
legal fees and non-California attorneys to generate
additional income by teaming up with RESI.

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