“RESI” — Providing California-specific Legal Training To Your Real Estate Coach’s Program

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INTRODUCTION:  The Real Estate Strategies Institute, Inc. (“RESI”) is the education and training arm of California real estate attorney, Ronald M. Ballard. Ron has been advising real property owners, investors and entrepreneurs since 1983.  More recently, he has been appearing and speaking at various national training seminars for real estate entrepreneurs and investors. National trainers and coaches are most familiar with their home States. Some offer a few specialized documents and instructions for particular States. Due to the size of the California market and its many special laws and regulations, the need to create specialized training for real estate entrepreneurs and investors in the California market became apparent.Therefore, Ron created the Real Estate Strategies Institute.

    The initial purpose of RESI is to create specialized California master documents, procedures and supplemental training for  national and non-California training systems, in conjunction with the trainers. As such, RESI is not a competitor to any trainer, coach or “guru,” but a specialized “overlay” for  the trainers’ students to more effectively navigate the  California market. RESI complements your national training. It doesn’t replace it.
    RESI goes beyond the general forms and procedures taught by the national training organization by providing California specific sample legal documents and operational advice provided by a California practicing attorney who is familiar with the particular training program you have signed up for. As such, RESI subscribers receive much deeper and California specific guidance than they usually do from their national trainer.
    While RESI education and training is provided by a California attorney, it is still only education and training. Joining RESI does not establish an attorney-client with Ron Ballard or the Ballard Law Office. Members should still seek specific legal advice about applying the forms and procedures to their business. The Ballard Law Office and Ron Ballard can be retained by RESI members at a favorable member rate.Due to the heavy, immediate demand from students in various training, this is still an “early stage” web site for RESI. It, and  RESI, are planned to rapidly grow deeply and broadly to meet the diverse demands of the quickly growing base of  subscribers.Of course, you don’t need to be involved with a training program to join and benefit from RESI. However, the RESI materials may be more valuable and better understood in context with certain training programs.Please visit the Services page to find out about the Services RESI is planning to provide.If you just attended a seminar or webinar where Ron Ballard spoke and  already know you want to subscribe, just visit the “Subscriptions” page.
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